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Once and Eagle....always an Eagle

I would love to get this bouquet!

My interview with JW, Brent, Tom, Talon, and Grady

Hidden Treasure

Somethings I bet you didn't know during a PCS

Again here I find myself sans husband...again

Interview with Kim Willis Holt (Piper Reed Books) and GIVEAWAY

Have you ever seen the Toyland Section at the PX?


Have you head of Postagram?

what is GOT YOUR 6?

What's the BIG HOOPLA on VOTER ID? Military Families this is good to know...

My learning experiene about wines...Wine Tasting Series part 1

Disney Discounts Information for Military and their Families

HOOAH 82nd AB Div...Last week was the National AB Day

So we all have dogs and I think I am going to enter my dog into this contest

6 Foot Ultimate BEAN BAG CHAIR

I am thinking of this gift for my husband, what do you think?