Have you ever seen the Toyland Section at the PX?

NOW I normally don't put wacky stuff out there but I just have to let you know this....Why does the Fort Belvoir Post have such a small toy section? With the label TOYLAND. It looks like the elves went on a strike and stopped making toys for the PX. Yesterday I was on a mission to find an outfit and I told my son, hey if you are super we will stop by the toy section and pick something out. Too bad I left my phone in the car, or I would have taken a pic. First of all the PX is HUGE! They had some great deals on a few nice COACH bags....but then again while I was in TJ MAXX THEY HAD A Dooney and Burke, bucket purse on sale for $79.00, if I wasn't on a mission to find some banging shoes I would have scooped that purse right up.

Secondly, I see one side and I am like come on kids, I see the toy section and we get to the back of the store, and it is just half an isle with the words Toyland on top. PITIFUL...I MEAN JUST PITIFUL....mostly the items were for infants, my son was like mom really these toys are for babies, I really do like the xylophone but it wasn't the Super Mario toy I wanted.

They even have a sign up saying, "it is always a tax free holiday in the PX" well there is nothing for my kids to get in the toy section,so it looks like a trip to Walmart.

So I was talking to a friend, and was like why in the world would they have no toys on the base? For sure they have children over the age of 1. They even have an elementary school. Thank GOODNESS I wasn't in a hurry and needed to pick up a last minute toy for a birthday party b/c I would have been pissed off.

I think I am going to go back and take a picture. I can't even imagine what this isle looks like for Christmas..just pitful


  1. Oh wow- I've always been to exchanges with huge toy sections, so maybe the "Toyland" sign is just generic? Even the rinky dink MCX at Camp Allen in Norfolk (which is also called the Marin Mart, because it's pretty much just an in and out type place for smokes and liquor) has a decent toy section! So sad! Maybe something could be said to management?

  2. yeah, its always kinda sad and pathetic. and just fyi Meyer isn't any better :( Fun to find out you are so close! we should arrange a VA bloggers get together! There's several of us around here


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