Product Reviews/Advertising/Sponsorship

Native By Criss is happy to accept forms of sponsors and ads. Native By Criss is a PR friendly blog. I would love the opportunity to review your product and/or host a giveaway. I will review products based on the following key points: functionality, durability and overall how my readers will use this product.

This will help your business gain more customers with getting your products out to the  communities. In order to perform any review I would need to be provided with your product, I will then use it; then I will in turn give my honest opinion about my experience with your product; I do guarantee that if I am not able to have an upbeat response about your product I will contact you before posting anything publicly.

~I will use pictures or video of the product used to perform my review.
~I do need a sample product to do a review.
~Shipping is to be the responsibility of the company providing review and giveaway.
~Reviews will be completed within 5 days within receipt of item.
~I will contact you when I post my review on my blog.

If you are interested in Native By Criss reviewing and/or hosting a giveaway for your product, please email me with the subject Product Review in the subject!


There are only a few criteria I have regarding product reviews.
  • All products must be family friendly.
  • My reviews are honest, not negative.
  • I will not return a product unless it is at the companies expense and over $250 in value.
Reviews are done free of charge. In exchange for the opportunity to review your product I will promote it in the following ways:
  • Frequent Twitter postings        

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