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Another MRI

How people view me

Just re-living some sad things

Today was a C*R*A*Z*Y


Catie bug!!

Ben and Doris

The wedding

The Twins


Brittany outdoors

The Barn

Random Photos

I miss my kids being smaller


Amazing how fast they grow

Happy Birthday Sam

Rogue Roller Girls FAPS

Sherry and Lenora

One of the Players from Hope Mills Heat

Angelika at White Lake


Studio Shots

Elizabeth town Photo Shoot

Elizabethtown and Fort Bragg

New Season of Army Wives

Our vacation to Walt Disney World

Meeting an unlikely friend at the YD Convention

The passing of Dixie Carter

Easter Egg Roll at the White House

The Candiate I am voting for NC Senate District 21

Army Wives comes on April 11

SO I didn't win but it is ok