Easter Egg Roll at the White House

So here is my take on the Easter Egg Roll on the White House. We got tickets from the National Military Family Association the way the email read I was like OMG I hope we get tickets it was a first reply type thing. So I was in a rush, well we got the tickets. NFMA was like are you sure you going to be in town and I was like yes, if we get picked we will drive up there..So we get the tickets, mind you I have never been to the White House. I was like OMG this is select event only a few people were going bla bla bla...still I even googled last's year Easter Egg Roll, and well it was like a really nice video of the event. Well I read that they had an online lottery event, plus 3000 were given away, well anyway it was like 7000-8000 people that had tickets. Ok so this still has not dawned on me the ramifications of 7000 people. So ok on the way to DC excited leave NC at 3am, drive we get to DC like at 10am. Still excited, kids are just elated. We see the Washington Monument, we see the Jefferson Memorial, the Pentagon, and just federal buildings. Well we get to downtown around 15th street, well Parking was NUTS. So we drive all the way to H street and park in the garage. We get out, and I am sure people think I am crazy b/c I dress my kids on the street LOL. We start walking 15 blocks to the White House. We get to the first gate and the security guard is like "ma'm you need to walk down to the end of the block". Ok it is beautiful however HOT, and all my kiddos are dressed to the "t". Well I give it to my son, he walked the 15 blocks, but as soon as we get to the gate he is like carry me. We walk 2 more blocks, and I finally see the line for Gate C 11:45am event. We get in line, and it is like a foot ball field and they have it corded off, before we get to the gate for them to scan the tickets. Well we waited in line 15 minutes before we started moving, by this time my son has been sitting on my shoulders and decides to fall asleep on my head. So we get to the gate scan our tickets, then on to the security checkpoint, we pass the inspection, this time Bran is sleep in my arms. We go in, they had a pre show, we get our goody bags and we then wait in his huge LINE OF PEOPLE, till like 1pm....I was at the back of it and by this time my kids a GRUMPY. They didn't care if they saw anyone they wanted a popsicle, and to eat...so we get through it get our wooden easter egg, and we go outside the gate, and I told my mom that I wasn't walking back. We caught a taxi back well worth the $10 ride...


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