The passing of Dixie Carter

Well today is pretty sad news, Dixie Carter aka Julia Sugarbaker has passed on at the age of 70. The south will know no more of Dixie Carter, she was as southern as Ice Tea and Mint Julips. I remember watching Designing Women in Middle School and High School, while living with my grandparents. Designing Women and Golden Girls, those were my two favorite shows. I even watch re-runs of both those shows now. Dixie Carter just dripped of Southern Charm, she was pretty and had a gorgeous accent. On the show I always wanted to be her, she was smart, sexy, a business owner, a great friend, and they always had an adventure on the show. They made me want to open my own interior design business, and for a while in KS, I was in interior design school however I changed my major to Photography but I did take a two year's worth of interior design and architecture classes. But getting back to Dixie Carter, most of the role's I have seen her play were Southern, she always reminded me of Gone with the Wind. You could compare her to Blanch Deveroe on Golden Girls, both women dripped of Southern Belle Charm...Ahh Dixie, aka Julia Sugarbaker, I will miss you!


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