Meeting an unlikely friend at the YD Convention

SO I met this great person at the NC YD convention. My friend Monica and I said we would work Friday's Local Candidate forum registration tables. So we meet up at the Holiday Inn Center at 4pm and when we got there, we met C already there sitting and waiting. I was SHOCKED that someone had actually volunteered to help out with the convention because I just thought it was going to be Monica and I the entire weekend. No one from the YD state party said anything about what they were doing. So C volunteered with us Friday Night and was up at 0730 to help with Saturday morning's registration. He is a great person, has a motivation, ambition and drive to me that is rare, and a huge dream. Even when I was in college at UNCG I didn't meet anyone like that. That is so refreshing to meet someone like that. So anyway, he's going to run for a office and I am going to be his campaign manager.


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