Today was a C*R*A*Z*Y

Today was very crazy, from the time we woke up it was rush rush rush...The day we go back to school, we oversleep the entire week we all woke up at 6am...go figure.

Then I go out side on time to get in my car, well it didn't start. So ok, what to do.... I said well I'll take the suburban and my mom could take my husband's car to take the kids to school....eeeeehhhh wrong husband's car was like chug chug click click click. So I weny back to my car, it wouldn't even turn over. Well I take my oldest to school, and rush work...I get to work to see what is happening in the world of the Army...nothing too pressing, just some minor things to turn in. So after talking to my mom and saying why does this always happen before payday? Why does this happen during a deployment? Why does this happen to me? ARGHHHH, what else is going to happen today, 2 out of 3 cars..WOW then I remember I have roadside assistance from my insurance company.

I call them and the customer service rep said, ok someone will be right out to jump both cars. Well I rush home to meet the towing company mind you it is a 30 min drive to my house, and I get a call from a Charlotte number, the man said "uh where are you located" I said Cameron, he said "huh" ok Fort Bragg, "huh" ok man FAYETTEVILLE, he was like ohhhh I said yeah that is like 3 hours away mam, I was like on no duh anyway, he said I'll call them back and have them reschedule it.
We ask the maintence man Ed to help jump the car, at first he was like let the jumper cables sit and charge, then he said let me get my meter reader, well he said that the battery only had 1 charge for a 12 volt battery..well he couldn't charge it, I thought it was the starter but nope it was the kids left the inside lights on...well A1 jumped it off and success!!! The towing company just hooked it up and it turned on.

The day started out horrible but ended up good :)


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