Save the Farmhouse!

Every year we like to work on something to give back, well this year this is pretty close to my heart. Native By Criss is supporting a family member who needs help saving their 1950s farm house. We would like to support this family member, who is older and has a small set health issues, preventing them from working. I will be raffling off beaded earrings, embroidery bags and have a cake walk on Saturday Nov 30 at 3pm. For privacy purposes of the family member, I will not be listing their home or name as to respect the wishes, but I will be blogging about the project, and will be doing FB lives and giving updates. I'd like to make this Christmas a little brighter in this crazy world of dark.

We are asking for donations, and if you can't donate please share widely! If you would like to donate a item for the ralle please email me at nativebycriss (at)


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