How to Navigate Disney World

So this is my month long, getting ready for Disney trip....I am sharing some tips with you. I am so excited.
I always went to Disney as a kid..but now I am going with my kids..

Getting around Disney World may seem complicated at first, but you’ll get the hang of it quickly. There are a number of ways to get you from here to there. There’s a bus network that connects to a lot of spots on the Disney World map. All the hotels are connected directly with each of the parks. Plus, there are buses that go between the parks and to Disney Springs and the watermarks.

As we mentioned earlier in another blog, a handful of hotels sit right on the monorail loop to Magic Kingdom. The monorail stops at the Ticketing and Transportation Center, where guests can catch a separate monorail to Epcot.  There are also two main boat networks: one serving Epcot and Hollywood Studios, another moving people from Fort Wilderness and Wilderness Lodge to Magic Kingdom, as well as providing overflow between Ticketing and Transportation and Magic Kingdom.
The new Minnie Vans are a premium service you order through Lyft. The vans are painted red with white polka dots, just like Minnie Mouse, and will take you anywhere on Disney World property, as well as to and from the airport. Each Minnie Van comes equipped with two Graco 4Ever car seats and phone charging cables. Minnie Vans have a variable price based on the length of the trip (though trips to the airport and cruise terminal have high flat rates).

What do you all think? 


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