Did you know February was National Cherry month?

So I didn't know that February is National Cherry month!  OMG I missed it...This is the best month in the world! February is rich in history and folklore about the little red super fruit of cherries. So let's learn more about why February is called National Cherry Month. February earned the title of National Cherry Month because is includes both President's Day and Washington's Birthday. 

Visually, cherries are a dazzling sight. The fruit hangs as a vibrant, edible ruby, tethered to the tree by an elegant, verdant stem. Varied as they are delicious, the round treat presents itself as a sharp delight as black cherry, a sweet nothing as a Royal Ann cherry, a sour predicament as a Montmorency cherry, and a pleasant summer afternoon as a sweet cherry. Brought from Europe with the first American settlers, the fruit is primarily grown in Michigan but enjoyed internationally. 

That's ok we missed it..But cherries, according to a study by the University of Vermont, contain massive amounts of anti-inflammatory properties and can be a tremendous aid in reducing soreness from working out. Drink cherry juice, workout longer, and feel better.

The pigment that makes cherries red is also a disease-fighting antioxidant, so eat up.

Everyone needs a sugar rush every once in a while, but it can be done without Skittles. Cherries pack a sweet punch, but a cup only has 87 calories and a puny amount of fat. Also, a serving contains three grams of fiber with no artificial ingredients.

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