Travel Agents Have a “Disney Degree”!

Travel Agents Have a “Disney Degree”

Yes, I am a Disney Travel agent! CERTIFIED. Disney travel agents have successfully passed the Disney College of Knowledge courses and must re-certify each year. The majority of travel agents specializing in Disney choose to do so because of their passion for Disney travel. You will find that a lot of them own or write for Disney blogs and websites.
Walt Disney World is constantly growing and changing and agents must keep up with the latest news and details to pass along to their clients. One important detail is the ever-changing refurbishment list. Disney is always having to update their attractions and resorts. They regularly post a list for travel agents to pass along to their clients.
There’s nothing worse than booking a vacation online only to find out that the pool at your resort or your favorite attraction is closed for refurbishment throughout your stay. Booking with an agent can prevent things like this from happening.


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