Pleasant Grove Lacrosse Team

Here is one of the practice locations. There is about 2 acres of smooth flat land.
Support Our Arthritic Kids Inc., is graciously helping the Lacrosse team, with a Lacrosse Program.  We need to raise money to start a non profit to be able to fund-raise and apply for grants for the team.

The Pleasant Grove Lacrosse/Stickball organization is a way to establish a community Lacrosse/Stickball Club in the Pleasant Grove community that is economically challenged, mostly indigenous underrepresented youth and adults, who need to bring back the traditions to the community. 

 The club’s primary mission is to create opportunities for all boys, girls, men, and women to play team sports together where they can learn essential skills and life lessons in ways that are consistent with best practices in athletics. Lacrosse/Stickball is a sport that has strong cultural ties. And there is a high level of pride in representing your team. I want to bring that tradition back to our community.

Playing lacrosse/stickball is medicine, tribes used to heal and lift the spirits of members of the community. The Pleasant Grove Lacrosse/Stickball Club will teach the fundamentals of the game, promote good sportsmanship, cultural healing and respect for all participants; emphasizing:

·         Fun
·         Fundamental individual & team-based skills
·         Sportsmanship
·         Teamwork
·         Leadership
·         Age & skill appropriate competition

The program is founded by a board of directors, volunteers, and is composed primarily of families in North Carolina, as well as friends and peers from the community. 

If you are Interested please fill out the survey:


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