A Child who is TERRIFIED of the DENTIST

Meet my middle kid...healthy. normal. kid...terrified to the bones of the dentist. It wasn't like she drank from the bottle or anything like that. Sam enjoyed brushing her teeth that she would sneak and do it, well the dentist said she brushed off all the protective enamel. We took her to a regular dentist and BOY talking about CUT up! When she was 4 we were referred to a Pediatric Dentist in Pinehurst, they were going to put her to sleep, no problem. She was a class act, she wouldn't even sit in the chair and let the dentist look in her mouth, take x-rays, nothing. The dentist referred us to the pediatric dentist. Same thing, except everything is smaller, child size, Sam did let them take two bite-wing x-rays but that was it, and she wasn't have the dentist come anywhere near her. All we know is she has some bad teeth. . Well she had her appointment scheduled the week before her 5th birthday, go figure she got sick and we couldn't do the general anesthesia. Well when a kid turns 5, Tricare no longer pays for anesthesia, so that increased the cost. Well we didn't have the money to pay for it, and so my hubby left for Korea and it just didn't work out to where I could pay for her procedure. Fast forward 2 years, we are in VA,


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