Sassy Glam Girls Spa Birthday Party

13094368_1108896639142160_3168406850523009918_nSassy Glam Girls Spa is a family owned, event planning company, serving the Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland metro areas. Sassy Glam Girls Spa was founded in 2012 in North Carolina, and we recently opened our mobile business here in the Area. Our team feels the second you trust us to be a part of your child's special occasion we are collaborating to create the ultimate birthday celebration!

Our Sassy Glam Girls Team is constantly looking to add unique party themes and options to our roster and have been excited to add a DIY Sassy Glam Girls Spa Party Kit as one of our newest party offerings!

The DIY Sassy Glam Girls Spa Party Kit ships nationwide and includes all of the materials needed to host your own spa party! We provide all necessary supplies to complete our activities.

MISSION: From the very beginning to the end of your Sassy Glam Girls event your princess and her friends will not only be pampered on the outside, but they will be motivated on the inside. For example, when the party starts each girl will pick a positive adjective that describes her (Confident, Strong, Powerful, Lovely, Smart, Kind, Assertive). At the end of each Sassy Glam Girls event, each girl will walk the room to strut her stuff and proclaim her pride and self-confidence in our grand finale "Glamorous Girl" fashion show. Even though Sassy Glam Girls girls get pampered on the outside, by the end of the event they also feel good about themselves on the inside...and that is our ultimate goal.

To the best of our knowledge and ability, we will do everything possible to ensure a fun, safe party experience for all guests. If you are looking for a more in depth manicure or pedicure treatment, please contact your local nail salon for assistance as they are better equipped to handle your requests. We are an event planning company and the spa party themes are for entertainment only. Additionally, the spa "treatments" are also for entertainment purposes only and not performed by licensed professionals. Please keep in mind in an effort to provide a fresh perspective to each party; final setups, decor, props and centerpieces may vary and exact decor styles may not be available.


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