This week has been very very busy

I got a lot accomplished this week, got my ID card updated, B's first bb practice, got his uniform and patch sewn on, found out what my other two kiddies want to participate in. Got my information updated with a certain agency, fingers crossed, made S's bday invites and they are almost finished. We are going to do a lego themed Bday Party! I am just as excited as the kids are to make the decorations! I have thought a lot about my grandpa this week.

I really do miss that man, I am glad he is out of pain but wow when you have someone in your life that means so much to you and we did a lot of things together like taking hikes through the woods, he taught me how to drive a lawn mower, tractor, go-cart, a car, grandparents would take me on vacations to Florida, they thought really high of education and made sure I always had the best resources for school. I really miss my daddybill, no matter what I could always make him laugh, and my grandparents thought so highly of me, that I would hate to let them down and loose trust in me, that was the worst and when I did get into trouble (that was worse than being punished was their look on their faces) so believe me I didn't mess up but maybe once in my life. (that's a pic of C and daddybill on her 5th bday).

Life was so much simpler back then...I miss the good old days.


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