You have all been down the closet aisle to know what $200 can buy you for organization. I am totally going to start working on a project that I can take with me when we move.

WHAT I wouldn't do for a Closet Organizer in each of the bedrooms in my home! I really have been trying to stay organized and I would love to have more storage clothes space in my closets. There is space that isn't utilized that should be...

This weekend I organized my clothes in my closet to hang up by suit color, shirts, and pants...and on the other side are my dresses...it is better than before but I would totally LOVE a closet organizer.   I had a company contact me about installing a high end closet system in my bedroom closet I asked them what it would cost me well it was between $5000.00 and $7000.00.  There is NO way I could afford that on my budget right now. You know that commercial on All State, "where Emily is just starting out, raman noodles" well that's me and my kids on my husband and my salary. Living in the suburbs of DC it is WAY expensive here. Maybe in the next few years I can save up? Who know but here is hot it turned out..


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