I have a new side business stop by help me get it going!

I may have spent a lot of money over the years on Avon, but I always felt good about helping out a local businesswoman, rather than buying everything I needed from Wal-Mart. So I decided to SIGN UP myself!!!

 I wanted to have at least a little extra money, so unlike other companies there are no huge startup fees, no quotas, no stock, no parties no boundaries and no meetings that you have to attend. All you will ever have to pay is $10 to start with AVON. That includes your kit, your learning materials and your application! AVON is a great way to earn money part time or full time. I have created this lens to share information about info that readers may be looking for AVON is one of the best direct sales companies that I have ever worked for. I have my own business and I love it. I only do it part time because I work full time. I didn't even sign up to make a ton of money. I started to have fun and to get my products at a discount! Stop by and check out my internet store!!! 


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