Chris Kyle....sad news....

SO I had started my post a few days ago when this happened but I just wasn't ready to write about the death of Chris Kyle. Let me say that I am sorry for his family, and his wife, his kids and the people he was helping and for him to die this way is just so tragic. WOW shot to death, that's all I can say, i'm just so awe struck. A Good American Hero, and yes people honor different people as heroes but let me tell you what, he was serving his country, sacrificing his life everyday to keep us safe, fighting insurgents. He came home to live his life with his family. He did what all our spouses do, serve in the military. I get it, I get the fact he did what he had to do to keep many marines and soldiers alive and I thank him for that.

I don't know Chris personally other than I had interviewed him for the reality TV show Stars Earn Stripes (check out my blog post) he was partnered with Dean Cain. I was offered chance to read his book and I tell you what I LOVED the book, read my post on his book review.  So if you don't know much about him Chris Kyle – is a decorated former U.S. Navy SEAL and author of The New York Times best-selling book “American Sniper,” which details his experiences in Iraq. Kyle’s expert marksmanship during his four tours of duty earned him the nickname “The Devil of Ramadi” from the Iraqi insurgent forces. Kyle lived in Texas and ran a military training company, Craft International. All the proceeds from "American Sniper" went to an organization Chris Kyle started to help fellow veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.
Well he was killed I don't know exactly how or why, you know those same reasons people are just in shock like wow he survived war deployments only to be killed by someone at home. Same thing when a solider is deployed and survivor being shot at, blown up only to come home and get into a motorcycle accident. 

I will mourn the loss of a great man, and I will mourn for the family, he leaves behind two small kids who are almost the same ages as my youngest, and I mourn for the military spouse. You know I know she had those crazy fears when he was deployed and when he returned home those fears left, and now she's dealing with this all because of what? I know I know but really did this shooter know what he was doing? I don't know is he competent? Has he watched Law and Order to figure out what to say? Why did he steal Chris's car and run away if he didn't know what he was doing? Why? I know so many questions.  Taya my prayers go out to you and your family and I am sorry that your family has to go through this. 



  1. It's so sad!!! The man who killed him was turned in by his sister thank goodness! Such a tragedy!

  2. I know, just so sad.


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