Want to walk from Canada to Key West with me?

SO while I wish I could do that, I can't take time off from work to participate but I am helping them get the word out! Good for them and I am glad they are raising awareness!

I read this article about a former Army medic William Mosebach and his girlfriend, Kristen Creech, plan to spend months walking the East Coast Greenway from Maine to Florida to raise awareness about the needs of military families and money to help them.

Mosebach, 31, a former Army paratrooper and medic who served in Iraq from 2003-04, and Creech, 25, a waitress at Raindancer Steak House, gathered with family members at Palm Beach International Airport Thursday before boarding a flight to begin their fund-raising trek.
The pair is from Flordia and will start walking Saturday from the Canadian border in Calais, Maine. They plan to walk six days a week, transporting their gear on a donated bicycle trailer, enough to cover about 2,500 miles in seven months. They plan to stop along the way for fund-raising events and to end the Hike for Heroes with a reception in West Palm Beach in March. Their goal is to raise at least $50,000 for Active Heroes, a nonprofit organization based in Louisville, Ky., that provides financial assistance to active military personnel, veterans and their families.

Active Heroes was started by Troy Yocum, an Army veteran who walked more than 7,800 miles across the United States in 2010 and 2011 to raise money for military families. The East Coast Greenway is a 2,900+ mile corridor stretching from the Canadian border in Maine to Key West, is a more urban version of the Appalachian Trail. This trail is used by cyclists and walkers, the trail is 63 percent roadway at this point and goes through several cities, according to the East Coast Greenway Alliance.

Mosebach said he and Creech are not experienced hikers. They will carry basic camping gear but plan to stay in donated motel rooms and private homes as they make their way south. You can track their progress here or for more information about the Hike for Heroes can be found at www.activeheroes.org/hike.


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