Terry Crews has More Moves Than Muscles‏

I'm sure you loved Terry Crews in the recent blockbuster "Expendables 2," and couldn't get enough of his musical muscles in his Old Spice ad, but now you can catch him five days a week as a fun-loving, sports-obsessed family man on "Are we There Yet?," which launches into syndication on Monday, September 17th.   

To get a sense of Terry's character on the show, check out this hilarious dance montage clip (he frequently busts out the dance moves).  

If you're not already familiar with the sitcom, it picks up where the film of the same name left off —with former ladies' man Nick Persons (Crews) now married to former single mom Suzanne Kingston (Essence Atkins) as they adjust to every day antics of being a new family with an over bearing mother-in-law and bossy brother-in-law (played by Ice Cube, who also serves as executive producer). 

ARE WE THERE YET? is a multi-camera family sitcom based on the hit movie starring Ice Cube and Nia Long. Developed for television by Emmy Award-winning Executive Producer/Director Ali LeRoi (The Chris Rock Show, Everybody Hates Chris), the series picks up where the 2005 film left off, with reformed ladies’ man NICK PERSONS (Terry Crews, Expendables 2Everybody Hates Chris) now married to beautiful but harried former single mom SUZANNE KINGSTON and adjusting to life with her two boisterous kids, LINDSEY and KEVIN.

After a disastrous road trip that found Nick engaged in escalating warfare with Lindsey and Kevin – both of them suspicious of any man in Suzanne’s life other than their estranged father, FRANK – things have calmed somewhat in the new Kingston-Persons household.

But only somewhat.

Nick, a former collector of sports memorabilia, is still learning to balance the demands of a new family with his job as a field sports reporter for local news station KAWT. He receives advice (and the occasional headache) from his best friend, MARTIN, a slick operator who’s not above bribing 10-year-old Kevin to pretend he’s an orphan in order to secure an autographed jersey from A-Rod.

Suzanne, meanwhile, operates a successful event-planning business that requires her to perform all manner of unusual tasks. She’s assisted at work by her best friend, GIGI, a serial dater who provides Suzanne with a sounding board and insights from the singles’ scene. Ice Cube rounds out the cast in a recurring role as Suzanne’s brother, TERRENCE, a self-serious Special-Ops tea member willing to resort to extreme measures to solve even mundane domestic disputes.

However, the heart of Suzanne’s life – and, increasingly, of Nick’s – are relationships with Lindsey and Kevin. Lindsey is a textbook teenage girl: It’s not that she won’t talk to her parents… it would just be easier if they did it via text message. Kevin has an imagination that knows no bounds. He is given to flights of fancy and moments of clarity that don’t belong in the head of a twelve year old. He can truly wreak havoc just by making sense.

TROY, is Kevin’s best friend. Mischievous and wise beyond his years, Troy is constantly escaping his mother’s watchful eye to hang with Kingston Persons family.

After a rocky start, Kevin and Lindsey realize how much Nick cares for them, and much he and  Suzanne love each other, and settle into this blended family. As for their new grandmother, it’s not quite as easy for her. A modern woman with a touch of cougar and sharp wit, she’s not so happy that her son has taken on a woman with “baggage”, but tries her hardest to support him. Just don’t call her Grandma.

ARE WE THERE YET? is produced by Cube Vision and Revolution Studios and distributed by Debmar-Mercury.  Cube and LeRoi are executive producers on ARE WE THERE YET?, along with Cube Vision’s Matt Alvarez and Joe Roth, founder of Revolution Studios, which released the original film and its 2007 sequel, “Are We Done Yet?” 


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