My family and I got to meet the First Lady, Michelle Obama

I couldn't wait until the DNC to show this so I COULD SEE IT!!!!  The First Lady to me is just amazing. I was given the opportunity to spend an afternoon with her at a Backyard BBQ in NC. It was only a few military families in attendance. My entire family went. She talked to each one of use, played ball and drew with my kids. She asked me how did I handle being a military spouse? I really did get to speak to her candidly and I enjoyed every moment. I met the First Lady in April 2011 at Camp Lejeune, but I didn't get to talk to her. I am glad I was afforded this opportunity to meet with her and I am glad she met my husband too. It wasn't like in the past, where I was just a blur to her, we talked for about 10 minutes, she sat next to me on a bench, talked to me, my husband, and then she went and drew and talked to my kids. She talked to C about volleyball and making the team, she talked to Sam about being a good artist, and she told Bran he could visit her and her family any time at the White House.

Here is my proof LOL at minute 4:13 she's with my youngest daughter, at 4:24 she is playing tether ball with my kids and  then at you see her talking with me and at minute 3:57. I was asking how could I have topped last summer this is it for me! When I met her I couldn't bring my camera but I am so glad that someone caught this on camera! My youngest daughter had her bear with her and the FL said the bear was REALLY CUTE. When I get pictures I will post them!!!!


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