Did you read about the mother/milspouse who neglected her kids?

So after we all read the story about the military spouse who neglected her child because she was depressed, and the child ended up dying. I just want to say that I am going to keep my judgement to myself because I am seriously trying not to judge (I can only go on what I read, I don't know the entire story and hence I don't want to jump to conclusions). Not everyone is strong, people do have moments of weakness, and yes it takes a STRONG person to be a military spouse and I say that no while you can't mow everyone's yard but you can empower these people who don't know how to mow a yard, or change a tire (that's me), or even drive to learn how to do these things.

Lord knows I have been burned by some people but you know I just say a prayer and move on and while some things stay with me longer (resentment, stress and even anger isn't good for your body) I do just have to say enough is enough.

However I do know that I want you all to look at your neighbor whether on post or off, civilian or military. Notice their habits are they ususally chipper, do they interact with you, do you see them outstide. Notice when something isn't right like maybe you haven't seen them for a few days, or their pet isn't being let out, or you don't see the kids, be aware. Now I am not saying be a nosey neighbor but I do say look at what is happening in your neighborhoods, if you see something crazy, out the blue, or even suspicious, wrtie notes, and take a pic if you can (that's the Hawii 5-0 in me). However my point is just be aware of your friends, family surroundings, etc...

(1) Be aware of your surroundings so if something does happen like a robbery or disaster you can say well I say this bla bla bla.
(2) If you do make friends with that person know the signs and symptoms of depression or maybe something like stroke or heart-attack. Just be aware, posted below are signs of depression

Symptoms of depression can be subtle and hard to detect. Feeling sad or having a depressed mood is only one of the symptoms of depression.

Other signs of depression include:
-- Trouble concentrating;
-- Changes in eating and sleeping – either too much, or barely at all;
-- Anger or irritability;
-- Low sex drive;

-- Social withdrawal; and
-- Losing interest in activities he or she used to enjoy.

Remember most humans are social mammals...and like interaction, you can't live in this world alone, and just be nice to people and remember about rumors and gossip, if you didn't hear it first-hand then treat it as a rumor until you actually talk to that person and find out, don't take second hand information especially when it is seriously gossip or you are not involved in it. It only takes a second to ruin someone's life


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    I didn't even check my feed until after I posted, but this totally coincides with what I posted today. Great minds think alike eh?


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