HOOAH 82nd AB Div...Last week was the National AB Day

OK I just felt like saying that. So now that I work in the federal government in another agency other than DOD, I really do miss the Department of the Army and the 82nd AB.  I can tell you what, they have a lot of team spirit and morale. Whenever we had Brigade or Unit events, it was no doubt everyone was all highspeed and hooah. My agency doesn't have that bond or team spirit, it is quite saddening, but hey what can I do? Now I did have the pleasure of working in the 82nd and USASOC and my husband was attached to the 82nd AB, he is a leg, and probably will be, he told me that he is considering it, so we'll see.  

I do have my necklace and my 82 AB Division  Flag

If you haven't seen this chorus in person you haven't lived. It isn't nothing in the world that can compare to the 82nd SB Chorus signing and wow the you tube video doesn't do them JUSTICE. I have heard them sing maybe 6 times in person and it only gets better.  Listen to the video and tell me didn't you feel just a little bit better after listening to them? I do miss listening to the cadence early in the mornings, and the 5pm cannon, and the stopping and saluting. I also miss the spirit of the 18th AB Corps and 82nd AB Division, and the brief USASOC soldiers I had the pleasure of working with.


  1. wow, that is pretty awesome! thanks for sharing. I'd not heard of that before.

    New follower from last weeks (whoops, lol) military monday!

  2. LOVE this! Thank you for sharing the video. I have always loved hearing cadence called...my dad is retired Air Force and my hubby is a retired Army aviator...so loved whenever we lived on the military installations, to hear the troops doing PT calling out cadences as they do their runs.

    (I also came back to an older post to say Hi! I hope this finds all at your home doing well. Thank you so much for your sweet visit and comment!)

    I have not been blogging or visiting for a bit...we sold our home and it closed yesterday! So....we have been so busy with getting all of our things out and into storage! And still working and doing art orders, etc...

    So thankful and blessed that we made money to use when it comes time to purchase another home and that it sold soooooo quickly, but also...so crazy, since it sold so quickly. lol

    We are still here in Georgia, but they want Dave in a position in Kentucky, to do what he does here. (It may not be until the end of the year that we actually move there, but he wanted to put the house on the market, rather than wait until then). It sold in less than 1 month! So...we are in a beautiful all-inclusive, month to month, condo along the water...and only about 12 to 15 minutes drive to my work.

    Blessings & Aloha!

    Also, on my Facebook art page, (facebook.com/PersonalizedSketches)I have a special that starts on Sept 1st to Sept 15th. Take a look and leave a comment on my wall...and if you want you can "join" the event for another chance for the 8x10 birth info art. Sorry this is such a long comment, but when your comment showed up on my email, it did not show your email to write back to.


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