Again here I find myself sans husband...again

So yes let me say this before any one rags on me...I am just writing to say my feelings...yes I am glad my husband is home, yes I am glad he is a safe, but I am sad that again for another year we are living apart. This time it is more me or what I want. So we are on the downslide of his career, and for 11 years I gave up my career or rather the beginning of a career. You see before I married my soldier I was 1 semester away from graduation, had gotten accepted into graduate school at GW in DC, this was when I was 21. During my 21st year I had broken up with my high school sweetheart, and was devastated that my entire life of high school and almost college I was with this one guy, and it just didn't work out. So when I met my husband, I fell so head over heels in love with the idea of being married, and a military spouse that I was like, ehh I'll just go with the flow. So after being newly married I didn't want to live apart, I wanted to live with my husband. HA! So a month after being married my mom helped me pack up my apartment in Greensboro and we moved to Hinesville GA. This was the beginning of my military wife life. HA my in-doctrine to the military life as I knew it now. I KNEW nothing of the Army, just from the movies I watched in high school, "Anchor's Away, South Pacific" to name a few. WHO was I KIDDING! I really was out there, I thought it was all glamorous! HA I just sit back and laugh at my naive thinking.

Ok I digress...I was given this opportunity last October to take this job in DC, and well I just couldn't turn it down, this was the second time in my life that DC came knocking on my door, and might I add, this is a great job too. I really like the people who I meet at work. Now before my hubby left for Korea it was understood that he could choose his next duty station, well it doesn't work that way now, and he is back at his previous duty station, and now here we are starting our next chapter in this book of life, and it has been very difficult. I do pray about it daily and I do thank GOD for waking me up, and letting me be with my children, but I do worry about us living separate lives. A military marriage always has something nagging it, field trainings, military schools, deployments, long hours at work, something that makes it harder than a civilian marriage. Our marriage is not like my co-workers, who see their spouses every morning and every night, who get home at a normal hour, it takes constant work. Again most of my military spouses understand that communication is sometimes missing, or not there, but you "milie" on because you know that one day your lives will be normal once again. I would like to say that I was married before 9-11 and it was like this the entire time before the wars started. My husband would be home 1 week out of the month, the rest of the time he was out in the field training, then it was NTC rotations or JRTC I am used to it..I guess, but it is still hard...


  1. praying for you and your family crystal! you work so hard on your career and your family and it's so hard to be apart from our men while they're gone!!! i wish we lived in the same town and could keep each other company. :-)
    -allison m.

  2. Thanks Allison!!! Me too! Me too!!!


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