This is the vacation I have been talking about

We have FINALLY made it through this year just a few more days and whew back together at least in the same time zone. Not sure if many of you know that this year marks the 12th anniversary of our marriage.  Gosh 12 years! Well we never had a honeymoon, I married into the Army and there was no leave taken or anything. I moved from NC to GA on a weekend and thus started my married life, there was none of that great civilian stuff!

LOL I didn't even plan on it, like many girls do, and have a checklist, we got engaged in July 2000 and got married in August 2000. So I have been playing around with this idea of taking a vacation, working on "US" time.

We have been through 4 deployments, a tour of duty, and many, many, many field training, 3 kids, 13 moves and everything under the sun you can imagine.

I am just wanting something that I can remember, and had a blast doing it. So I am narrowing it down to Sandals or a Royal Carribean Cruise. So now I think about it the Sandals one would totally be just for my husband and I, and the Cruise I think I would love to take the kids with us on. The Cruise seems like it would be so much fun you know but then who would watch them at night you know? Maybe I should take my mom, she could get some fun in the sun and a vacation too.

Then you know I so worry about the cost of these vacations, this is something we are going to have to save up for.

No matter where we decide to go, I will be blogging about our vacation so I can let you all know whether it is worth it or not.It will be probably later in the year though, I can't take off from work right away.

So what do you all think? Sandals or a Cruise?


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