My Patio Container Garden

Many people said why are you doing this? I love to see my hard work being produced. It isn't a farm like my granddad's but I enjoy it. Maybe when I retire I can have an actual plot of land with some serious vegetables. My next big thing is to probably make peach preserves or something like that.
Sometimes gardening isn't limited by space, but by time and interest. So I love the idea of gardening but I really don't like getting stung by bees and bugs, so not sure how that's gonna work out for me. I do know that next year I am going to grow, cucumbers and zucchini in addition to tomatoes. 

If you love the idea of being surrounded by a garden, but you can't see yourself spending countless hours with a pruner in your hands, a wonderful option is to create a garden paradise on your patio. You could still incorporate beds and containers, but you have the added element of landscaping. 

It’s possible to create an entire garden with potted plants, so not having a yard is no excuse for not having a garden. Not every plant will be happy in a container, but you might be surprised how many and which ones do.
Dwarf trees can be left outdoors year round. This includes fruit trees, ornamental and evergreens. Many vegetable varieties have been bred specifically to be grown in pots. Anything with the words ‘patio’ or ‘mini’ in their name is a good bet. 

Using ornamental flowers in containers gives you the means to truly have season long bloom. You can switch out plants or simply switch out pots.

The main purpose of a patio is to have a place to relax and entertain. Surrounding yourself with the beauty of plants will make it that much easier. So my garden is a container garden, If you don't have an edge border or built-in boxes, you can always create the effect with containers. Gardening in pots and containers offers many advantages. A container lets you experiment with plant combinations and color. You can easily swap out plants with the season. Many container gardens are portable. You can let them follow the sun, or use them to fill in gaps in a border. And container gardens fit just about anywhere. So there's no excuse not to have a garden.

Now we planted our squash, tomatoes, and peppers back in May, and this latest warm front has just made them grow and turn!  So let me just let you all know that I am really excited this is my first year I have actually grown vegetables on the patio. My kids love going outside to pick the tomatoes we have grown, and yes they do taste awesome!


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