Meet Kerry Ann, Military Spouse

So I am debuting a new level of greatness happening here at Army Tankers Wife. I am searching for military spouses around the world we need to meet!
Meet Kerry Ann Ellington, She is a quirky, silly, loyal and compassionate island girl. She is  originally from the beautiful island of Jamaica and currently resides in Oceanside, CA with her husband 1stSgt Delwin Ellington, and her 3 gorgeous boys, Mekhi, Ethan, Chace and their dog Chip.

I am helping spouses spread the word about what they are involved in and what they are working on presently. Kerry Ann, wrote this piece below discussing her passion:

I am talking about the “Body by Vi90 day fitness challenge. For the past few years, the owners of ViSalus Sciences have worked with top scientific advisers and doctors to create products that will allow people to lose weight, keep it off and change their lifestyles. Not only have they made incredible meals and supplements, they also created a lucrative business model. It allows people to work from home with an opportunity to have financial freedom.

There was a recent article published from BlueCross and BlueShield that blatantly says that our products are safe and effective. They actually recommended “Body by Vi.” If that is not validation, then I do not know what is. Our products are not only safe for adults, they are safe for children, pregnant women and women who are breast feeding as well. They are also significantly cheaper than other weight loss products out there including Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem.

Like the way Steve Harvey, Jessica Biel, Christina Aguilera, Hulk Hogan, Rick Herbst from General Hospital, Kyle & Arianne Lowder from Days of Our Lives, NHL player Brad Marsh, UFC champ Houston Alexander, Boxer Roy Jones Jr, Biggest Loser stars Ashley & Sherry Johnston, NFL Player Duece Letui, Rappers Master P and Lil Romeo are looking? Well, they are all a part of the ViSalus family. I would love to list more celebrities who have decided to transform their lives with our products but the list is entirely too long.

How would you like to lose weight and gain money doing it? Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is good and it is also very true. I am living proof that both can happen. On April 16th, I decided to join my mom in a quest to tackle the world’s obesity and economic recession. After praying over it, I took a step of faith and became a promoter for ViSalus Sciences. I am proud to say that since then, everyone who has decided to join us on our quest has been transformed for the better.

To date, over 700,000 people have joined the challenge this year ALONE! Just last month, 180,000 people joined the challenge. Our customers are fired up about the challenge and even get the option to get their products for free! That’s right – FREE! If they get 3 people to join the challenge with them, they get their own kits for FREE! How exciting is that?!

We are hearing stories of diabetics getting off of their medications due to our products. A friend of mine whose dad suffers from high blood pressure is now completely off of his medication. Also, for years, he has struggled with his weight. The “Body by Vi” system allowed him to shed those unwanted pounds. He says his energy reminds him of how he was in his 20s. These stories are endless and are not slowing down anytime soon.

I know people have been skeptical about WAH jobs and rightfully so. I was once in that group. There are jobs out there in which others invest money, only to see no profit for years. Well, I started with this company a little over a month now and have already gotten back my investment (which is very little by the way) and more. Why? Simple - the products sell themselves. They are actually effective. You can check out my personal testimony of the products here:
The “Body by Vi” challenge is a collection of products designed to help people lose weight, build lean muscle, and stay fit. Our signature product is our shake mix. It is sweet cream flavored and basically tastes like a milkshake from Coldstone Creamery. The best part about our shakes is the fact that you can mix it with fruits, veggies, water, juice, soy milk, etc. to get the flavor you desire. We even have a recipe book with tons of delicious recipes. To get a detailed breakdown of our company, please visit:

Bottom line – THE PRODUCTS WORK! They are healthy for your entire family. What is even better is the fact that people are making an insane amount of money from promoting the products. ViSalus makes it super easy to do so. They provide you with your marketing materials and your personal website, with 24 hr support. You get to be a part of a family that truly makes you feel like you belong. Our goal is to NEVER leave anyone behind. We rally behind every new promoter and push them to each level to get them to their goal within this company.

This job has never once felt like a job to me. I am excited to wake up every day to get more and more people healthy. I am thrilled to hear of my customers’ transformations and I genuinely feel happy about every story I hear. It is heartwarming and truly an honor to be a part of such an amazing team.
So let’s get fit together!! Summer’s almost here! Let’s get your bikini ready and get you paid while doing it. Join me on the challenge at

On any given day, you can find her tackling the joys of mommy hood and promoting the Body by Visalus 90 day fitness challenge. Along with her partner in crime Jacqueline, you can also find her answering their readers’ questions from their website, “Ask the Miles.” “Ask the Miles” is a site that was created to help military spouses cope best with and learn more about their military community. As a board member, she also lends a hand to the S.T.A.R. Foundation, an organization based in California. The foundation’s goal is to educate and mentor young women to create a great legacy for themselves rather than having sex or influence them to have safe sex.  In her spare time, she is doing fun activities with her family and friends.


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