How does moving make you feel?

As you have read here before we are temporarily moved to Northern VA, we completed a semi-military move. Howver my husband is still stationed at Ft Bragg, and we have ties to the community, our PCM is still the military treatment clinics on base. The commute from Ft Bragg to Washington, DC is about 5 hours. I did that for about 4 months every weekend from December to the beginning of April.

My husband has already PCS to Korea and we were left here at Bragg. Well in the mean time, we could move anywhere we wanted to (us the family). After a family discussion we decided to move closer to where my job is located. So two months before my husband left, I graduated with a Master's degree and I decided that I was ready to embark on my career. However at the time I graduated there was a hiring freeze at Bragg. So no jobs I could qualify for here. So I FINALLY landed a job in Washington DC, but trying to coordinate a move, work, and family and do it alone was hard. My mom stepped in to help me, but now let me let you in on another frustration, trying to find a home in an area you don't know about while working 40+ hours a week. It is down right exhausting. I worry about the school district, the crime rates, the property value, I am just so unsure.. I really hate making these huge decisions. At least when I was following my husband, sure when we were packed up and cleared the base housing we were temporarily homeless, but we knew that when we got to our next duty station we would find something. Maybe it's because my husband isn't here and I'm doing this alone.

Maybe it's because we are going into a more civilian world than military. I started the housing process when I was tenativly offered the job here in Washington, DC. I contacted a few friends in the area and got a great real estate professional to help me do a search for houses in the areas I wanted to look for. So a month before I moved to the Washington, DC area I was already looking at houses. However you can't tell much about a city unless you are actually living in the area (the commute, traffic, the neighborhood, schools for the kids). I visitied different sub-divisions, different cities in the Northern VA area. Looking for a house on my own without the input from my husband was a little overwhelming at times. I wanted to make sure I was making the right decision for my family. I was really set on purchasing a home because the rent is the same price as a mortgage. I didn't want to use the VA home loan that my husband qualified for on something that I wasn't happy with. However after I didn't find what I was looking for, I decided to rent. So now that we are in the area, and if my husband doesn't get stationed on the West Coast we are considering purchase a home here in Northern VA with my husband's VA home loan.


  1. Used to live at Bragg too! North Carolina is not for me :)


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