Well we are on the downslide now

My homefront is a little different these days, I am not in constant worriation about him being shot at or blown up, but I do worry because he is in a part of the world where something could go wrong in the matter of seconds. So many of you know my husband and I entered into a new chapter in the Army called a dependent restricted PCS. Which means I at here at our old military installation and he is at the new military installation which is overseas. I am really counting the days but then again I am kind of worried that he's coming back to a combat unit and will get deployed to Afghanistan.

So we did have orders to go to Germany but we couldn't because they did not have adequate medical care for our daugther. So they canceled those orders and sent him somewhere else. So while it has BEEN A LONG 7 months we only have a few more to go. This year we will have been married 12 years, which in civilian terms means I have seen him exactly half of our married life. I am not complaining, but it is a little difficult to get use too. I just I am living in the new normal because I have grown so custom to him not being here it's just our way of life. You know it can be exhausting but we make due

So now we are on the count down, and I am treating this PCS like a deployment, my kids and I are making the paper chains, and we are doing the jelly beans, and the nightly kisses. I tell you what even though I will be picking him up from the airport instead of green ramp, we are still doing the welcome home banners, although no big party, just the family.


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