My journey or a non PCS sort of PCS..not really sure what you call it

So it has come a time in our life to where we are moving on to the next chapter in our lives. Let me tell you what it is SCARY and a little frustrating..  It's a different type of fear or frustration that I am encountering. So I decided to let you in on some things that I am encountering..a little something about me, I HAVE THIS HUGE character flaw, that requires me to make a HUGE life changing decision, I tend to mull on it for several weeks, and it is so annoying to me that I am so indecisive on certain things (which is usually not like me)

So you know that my husband has already PCS to Korea and we were left here at Bragg. Well in the mean time, we could move anywhere we wanted to (us the family).

So two months before my husband left, I graduated with a Master's degree and I decided that I was ready to embark on my career. However at the time I graduated there was a hiring freeze at Bragg. So no jobs I could qualify for here. So I FINALLY landed a job in Washington DC, but trying to coordinate a move, work, and family and do it alone was hard. My mom stepped in to help me, but now let me let you in on another frustration, trying to find a home in an area you don't know about while working 40+ hours a week. It is down right exhausting. I worry about the school district, the crime rates, the property value, I am just so unsure.. I really hate making these huge decisions, you know...just uhhhh

At least when I was following my husband, sure when we were packed up and cleared the base housing we were temporarily homeless, but we knew that when we got to our next duty station we would find something. Maybe it's because my husband isn't here and I'm doing this alone. Maybe it's because we are going into a more civilian world than military.

Well now I don't have that WARM fuzzy feeling, I have this anxiety about moving (not really the physical exercise but actually leaving the area).


  1. This a decision that comes into play when the wife wants a career and has to be a military spouse at the same time. It's a sacrifice you have to pray about. What is more important career or family. You can have it all but sacrifices has to be made.


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