So I spoke with Ed and CommissaryShopper by mail, because I wanted to see how awesome their product was. So I signed up, because we all love getting coupons, and I love SAVING..with a family of 3, we need a lot of savings. They plan to mail the March issue next week. New subscribers can still sign up at any time and receive their own copy of CommissaryShopper by mail. www.commissaryshopper.com.  I want to help spread the word on this great little way to extend your dollars and Commissary benefit further.

This is what CommissaryShopper does, SHEP is your Commissary Working Dog and his mission is to find the best values at your local Commissary. As a benefit, your Commissary can save the average military family of four about $4,400 annually - even more when savvy shoppers use valuable money saving coupons.

CommissaryShopper is a FREE printed coupon feature with valuable manufacturer coupons exclusively for U. S. Military Commissary Patrons. When our manufacturers have special offers and coupon opportunities, they contact CommissaryShopper and we collect them in our bi-monthly issues.  You can get CommissaryShopper FREE by mail - APO/FPO addresses are preferred for OCONUS mailing. You only need to subscribe once to continue to receive CommissaryShopper. You can also find the CommissaryShopper coupon feature at your Commissary - available while supplies last.  They also have a privacy page, CommissaryShopper is dedicated to delivering manufacturer coupons to our military patrons. We will not offer or sell your subscription information.  CommissaryShopper is not sponsored by or affiliated with the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA). CommissaryShopper is not a secret government program, so please tell a friend and help them save more at the commissary too!

 www.commissaryshopper.com There’s still plenty of time to get your March “Dollar Savings with Dannon” CommissaryShopper which features all $1.00 coupons. Plus, exclusive, new, manufacturer commissary coupons. Just go to www.commissaryshopper.com and signup today. Overseas commissary patrons can also receive CommissaryShopper by mail, APO/FPO addresses preferred. Tell a friend!


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