Intro to Army Life :BOOK REVIEW

Yesterday I had the pleasure of sitting with Allison and her husband Rusty at the North PX on Fort Bragg. At her very FIRST book signing, it was totally awesome! They are a great couple really cute together! Let me tell you something about Allison Mewes, she is the proud wife of an Army soldier. Her experiences as a newlywed entering the Army lifestyle, along with the humorous things that happened along the way, inspired her to help other military spouses and significant others make the transition into Army life. She owns Blue Bamboo Project Services and works as a project manager/event coordinator. Allison and her husband live in Boise, Idaho and devote their time to training their new puppy, exploring Idaho's beautiful outdoors and preparing for a baby on the way. 

 So I had the pleasure of writing the foreword to the book and it was really nice to read this book, I wish I had something like this 12 years ago to help me understand all this information, or where to go or what to do! I found these things out on my own over the first few years of our marriage.  Intro to Army Life contains everything a person needs to know to navigate through the first years as an Army spouse or significant other. This book provides the tools and resources necessary to make the transition into the Army lifestyle easier, less stressful and way more fun. Through personal experience and extensive research while her husband was deployed to the Middle East, Allison Mewes provides a comprehensive introduction to Army life, from terminology and uniforms to deployment and military-only perks. Along with engaging personal narrative and stories,

Intro to Army Life includes:
  • Army hierarchy and social structure
  • 15 tips for dealing with a deployment
  • Perks of a military ID
  • Top 25 Army acronyms
  • Military discounts and how to find them
  • Top 10 resources for military children
  • How to read a military pay stub (LES)
  • Fun facts, such as where the term “military brat” originated

The non-fiction book is for sale now at and will be on February 13th.
Hard copy - $10.95 | eBook - $2.99

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