Army House Transportation

Well last week was an eventful week! We got some things accomplished for our PCS...err....maybe non pcs...ahh I don't know what you call it but I wanted to let you know about transportation. The army is changing and is becoming what they say is more efficient, well some things are more efficient but to me I think they are replacing people with computers, you just loose something when a computer does it all.

Now granted it has been like 6 years since my husband and I went to transportation together. When he did is move to Korea, he dealt with this new system, and he was calling to ask me questions, I was like honey I have no clue. So basically before you would have to go to a briefing on a certain day, and then they would tell you what you need to do, fill out some paper work then, you pick a date and transportation does the rest. Well this new way is similar.

You still have to go to transportation, I tried to do it at home BUT I was afraid I was going to mess something up; You have to have your husband's orders, and a POA. SO once you log into ETA, you have to take the online test acknowledging you know what you are doing. So after that you go and create the MOVE all by yourself, if you have a question, someone in transportation is there to help you. But we did it all ourselves, printed the paper and the transportation official signed it. Well a few days later I got a call from the moving company and we are all set to move on our special day! SO EXCITED!

OK one less STRESS off my plate!


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