Where have our role models gone?

Man I was just reading this story about how someone classified Kim Kardashian as a role model in Tyler Perry's new movie. I just don't see her as a role model? What I see is a pretty girl who is going to stay pretty b/c she has money and access to all the plastic surgeons out there, just look at her mom. A Role Model, gosh! I don't want my girls growing up like here, while I think beauty is awesome but so is brains. That is what it is gonna take to help the future of our kids. I just don't get it, maybe she is a reality TV star, that made a fame to claim over a sex tape. Really I don't think she is an actress. I watched her reality series, I was truly thinking wow she is getting married only to be fooled 90 days later!

There are even more females out here who are just not role model material and these kids look up to them, like Nicki Minaj. Do you know how many girls I see at the mall looking like her? There is one difference, that is just a facade that she puts on to get popular, that's not the real her.What ever happened to keeping some things private? Where have the morals gone? It is so much harder these days for kids than when I was in high school 15 years ago!

This is so amazing that people aren't picking stronger women to represent them, Hilary Clinton, Jackie O, Oprah, Condoleeza Rice, and many more. Granted these women have have personal triumphs in their lives but they didn't get to where they are by showing it on a 'sex tape' or coloring their hair pink and saying the f-word. Besides have you even listen to the words she sings? She doesn't even make sense! No wonder other countries in the world think Americans are behind in education, look at who we have being out front.

What happened to the classy singers with no gold teeth that sang songs that meant something other than trying to get out of the ghetto? Nat King Cole, Harry Belafonte, Erita Kitt, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby?


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