So a new chapter in my life

So I am excited to be starting this new job in DC and crossing fingers we can find an affordable house, if not I will be staying with a friend of my mom'. She was super nice and offered her house for me to stay with her and save money. I am super excited! It is a longer process than with CPOL and DOD, since I am in a different state trying to get my credentials and with a different federal organization. I am pretty thrilled about it. I still don't know a start date.

Catherine is doing ok, we did get her back on her medicines and now we are just taking her to the doc for injections. I just can't do them anymore, we are both nervous, and I get more nervous when she stalls and is like wait. I just wish her arthritis would go away and she could get off the medicines. We did try to get a referral to the Shriner's Hospital.


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