SNEAK PEAK-ABC Extreme Home Makeover Premiere for Army Tankers Wife Readers

 WOW it is a 2 hour premiere! Let me tell you what this was a very moving episode of ABC Home Makeover, I think the best ever. Not only did I get to help volunteer in person on this project in July but I get to see it before it is released on Sunday Sept 25, 2o11. I even saw myself on TV, I was lucky enough to be in one of the filming episodes called the Honor Walk, where we bring in the first piece of the house. Check it out Day 4, I am in the front can't miss me, I walk RIGHT BY THE CAMERA! LOL
I was contacted yesterday to preview the season premiere of Extreme Makeover Home Edition, releasing Sunday September 25th, 2011. This was a special link for ArmyTankersWife Blog only! So my readers and VIEWERS get to hear some sneak peak things.OMG I have had the BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE!
This was a powerful episode and I believe this was the best, well put, thought-out episode I have ever seen. There are endless surprises that happened on this show, I only knew of ONE big surprise which was Mrs. Michelle Obama, but OMG I know there were at least 5 different surprises that I didn't even know of.  I AM SO PROUD to be from Ft Bragg, and part of the 82nd AB and 18th AP Corps. Hearing the Army song and music just gets me excited, I feel like a kid again. The military really stepped up and showed support for Barbara Marshall and the Steps-N-Stages Jubilee House. Now I am not going to ruin it by telling you ALL the surprises, but the one you know about was Mrs. Obama, she was so wonderful in helping out. Ty and the team built a garden and greenhouse for the Jubilee House, that uses a VEGGIE TUBE! WOW that is on a whole new level! Amazing, fresh vegetables, year round, this comes in handy with the First Lady's "Let's Move" initiative!  The Jubilee House makes sure women veterans aren't homeless, and helps women veterans get on their feet.  This 7 days that they built the house in was just so patriotic. They had a parade in Disney World for her, and she got several surprises while there. Just say one surprise was very moving, and when you are in the military and you don't get those good surprises often.
 The amazing support from the US was just terrific, there were people from New Orleans, to Minnesota, to the Wish Upon a Hero guy walking across the US to raise money. Just made me feel all MS. America right now. I can't describe the happiness I get when I see these stories of hope, and encouragement. These extra-ordinary citizens were helping participate in her charity by donating money and sending words of encouragement. Just makes me feel really warm and just excited that there the public hasn't forgotten about military families and what we do.
ABC does a really good job at telling stories about families that need help, and Barbara Marshall's story is just that. She has a remarkable story to tell and needed help to continue to tell her story. Like I didn't realize that her husband had passed away in March 2011. That's really recent and she has a son to take care of. Yet she still carries on with her torch of hope for these women who need her, and I am sure that's what her husband wants. Being a military family is so full of ups and downs, and it gets super hard sometimes. But then there are stories like these who just make it all better.
There were so many corporations like Blue Ridge Log Cabin Builders and Sears who just amazed me. I was fortunate enough to meet Chip Smith the president of Blue Ridge Log Cabin Homes and he was so down to earth and humble.  You know the community of Fayetteville really rallied behind this and made this happen, the volunteers were out here building and lending a hand. I was so amazed that SEARS even put on a Career Expo Day for Women Veterans, giving them the things they needed to become successful. You know when you look good and feel good about yourself, things really do change and look up for you. It really makes and impact and with the military training these women have had, they can make a really big impact on the civilian world. When life gets turned upside down, all you need is someone to just help you get on your feet and that's what Barbara Marshall does.
So like I said I am not going to give away all those surprises but it was really amazing to see a Grammy Winner Recording Artist here in Fayetteville to just talk to women veterans, and show that they really do care.  You all need to tune in Saturday Sept 25, 2011


  1. I got to preview it too! Except the sound stopped working at the very end. It was such a good episode. I loved reading your review...Mine should be up tomorrow afternoon sometime :)

  2. @ Erinn that's really exciting yeah my sound stopped working as well but I was like ahh I'll catch it Sunday, I can just imagine what they said..I am good at reading lips but it was too small for me to see. Can't wait to read your review!

  3. The dramatic entrance by the Air Force was a little unnecessary for TV since the family is really the focus of the show; however it was great for the volunteers and helped make the military look good for the show too. I can’t imagine they had any more volunteers for any other episode. Darn it! I forgot to set my DVR again for this show and I was afraid that I wouldn’t get home in time to see it; and I was right. I remembered that I caught a show I missed once on and so I looked on there and I was able to watch without even having to log into my employee account because it’s free for anyone who goes to the site. I hope EMHE stays on top in the ratings because it’s fantastic.


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