Have you ever wondered what happened to your military friends?

This question has been on my mind for sometime now. I have been thinking about some friends that Dany and I made back at Fort Stewart GA, named Debi and Chris.I am really determined to find them. When we PCSed away then they ETS out of the Army, and we lost contact. They were so beneficial in the beginning part of our married lives, and we loved to hang out with them. They were there when oldest was born, Debi and I even went to PI school together, LOL! Imagine that, Private Investigators LOL! It has been really hard to find good friends like that now-a-days.

I have looked high and low and can't find them. It is like they fell off the face of gthe earth. So this new program called Veterans United Connect, allows military members and families to reconnect with old friends and make new ones based on a shared history of service. The app, called Veterans United Connect, attracted more than 30,000 users in its original incarnation, which Stars & Stripes chronicled in July 2009

How it works is, users input their service history, separation date and other key information and have instant access to military installations across the globe. A veteran who served at a base can search for old friends, share memories and reconnect with the community.

Active duty personnel and their families are using Veterans United Connect to find friendly faces and build support networks at new duty stations. The application suggests friends who may have served together, and military members can even add ribbons and badges. I have input our information and I haven't found Chris and Debi yet but I am very hopeful I can find them!


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