Making Parents and PILs a Dependent.

So my husband and I made my mom a dependent in 2004, she has some health issues. Those health issues keeps her from working, so while we were stationed in KS we made her a dependent. It was super easy, we had to fill out the paperwork (DD 137-3 and DD 1172) of course you have to have it noterized (if it is a parent in law, you need a copy of your marriage certificate and birth certificate) and mail it into DFAS.

It only took about 2 months. They approved it and said she could be seen by the military doctors if there was space available. However there was no space at the clinics, still she could be seen by the ER docs and get her meds at the pharmacy. So we just got her an ID Card, and we have renewed it every 4 years, and the 2nd time was the easiest. Just fill it out and go.

However this time, we encompassed a snafu! Her ID card expired after my husband re-enlisted and so it wasn't in the system. Of course those lovely folks are Bragg wouldn't make my life any easier, when we had the official paperwork from DFAS saying she had until 2012. So now we are filling it out once again and trying to get it accomplished before my husband leaves. It is always something LOL!


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