Show your soldier some love

I was recently contacted by VoiceQuilt to learn more about their products and I got to test their product. So this is the second part of my husband's father's day gift. With this product since we are military we got 7 days to complete this message usually it is about 3 days. VoiceQuilt gives gifts that speak from the heart…literally! VoiceQuilt is a uniquely personal gift – filled with your vivid, heart-touching greeting, memories and tributes. Record messages of love and thanks to a solider who has serves us proud or have you and the kids records a message to dad who is serving oversees. You can also upload their favorite sentimental music. It will be a gift they cherish for a lifetime

What I did FIRST was select a toll-free phone package so that I could record my own personal message, and then I thought it would be nice to have my kids voices on there.

THEN…I recorded my own personal message,  (If you are doing this as a group, invite family and friends to phone in toasts, tributes and favorite memories. (VoiceQuilt's email tools provide simple dialing instructions for callers plus draft invitation text that you can customize.) Once you record your message and/or song, visit the VoiceQuilt Message Center to listen online. No special software is needed – just your web browser. Choose which messages/songs/audio clips to include in the VoiceQuilt playlist, give them descriptive labels, and arrange them in the order you like.  

The sound of someone's voice – their accent, tone and laughter – conveys much more than a photo, letter or a store-bought gift. In addition, VoiceQuilt is a great way to share recipes, messages to troops overseas, sick children or anything else you can think of…there is no end to how you can use it! In times of celebration, VoiceQuilt makes memories last forever and when times are tough, VoiceQuilt becomes a personal cheering squad.


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