What Budget Cuts to More at Four Programs, means for you!

So please read what my friend sent me about More At Four! 
More at Four is North Carolina's award-winning, public, pre-Kindergarten initiative targeted to at-risk 4-year olds.  More at Four has repeatedly demonstrated its effectiveness and cost savings for the taxpayers of North Carolina.
- All active duty military are automatically eligible for More at Four.  In Cumberland County More at Four is locally administered by the Partnership for Children.  There are 80+ More at Four slots on Fort Bragg.  Since More at Four classrooms are required to meet very high standards and classrooms are mixed with those children receiving More at Four and those who are not, State dollars from More at Four support the pre-K program on Fort Bragg and throughout the community.  All children benefit and according to a recent Duke study, all taxpayers benefit because More at Four significantly reduces instructional costs and special education placement costs.

- Both the NC House & Senate have proposed very severe cuts to More at Four.  If these proposed changes were to become law it would mean the loss of thousands of slots across the state including many of those on Fort Bragg.

- Military families can have a strong impact on the elected representatives in Raleigh!  They can have their voices heard by calling Governor Perdue at 800-662-7952 and thanking her for her support.  Tell her that we're counting on her support (veto) and trust she'll do the right thing for the children of North Carolina.

They can also contact the Chairs and Co-Chairs of the Health & Human Services committees in the North Carolina House and Senate:

NC Senate
Senator Phil Berger, President Pro Tempore
Senator Peter S. Brunstetter, Senate Appropriations Co-Chair
 Senator Neal Hunt, Senate Appropriations Co-Chair
 Senator Richard Stevens, Senate Appropriations Co-Chair
 Senator Stan Bingham, Senate HHS Appropriations Co-Chair
 Senator Louis Pate, Senate HHS Appropriations Co-Chair

NC House
Rep. Justin Burr - 733-5908 / justin.burr@ncleg.net / 538 Legislative Office building
Rep. Nelson Dollar - 715-0795 / nelson.dollar@ncleg.net / 307-B1 Legislative Office building
Rep. Hugh Blackwell - 733-5805 / hugh.blackwell@ncleg.net / 541 Legislative Office building
Rep. Mark Hilton - 733-5988 / mark.hilton@ncleg.net / 1227 Legislative building
Rep. Bryan Holloway - 733-5609 / bryan.holloway@ncleg.net / 529 Legislative Office building


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