Permanent Change of Station (PCS)

Did I say PCS? YES it is that time of year, schools are almost out for the year less than a month away here for us. The summer kicks off the busiest PCS season of the year. Why? Well it didn't bother me when we moved before. Now since my kids are older, they need to stay in school, when you transfer kids in the middle of the school year it's hard. The new classroom can be further or behind your child's level, and it is difficult! However I still like PCS moves, I prefer hiring someone to clean but with the new rules, you have to clean it yourself. I really liked hiring someone to do it for me b/c when you have three kids, who get bored easily or want to help it can get stressful. So at least I know for a fact we are staying here for 18 more months, before we find out where our new duty station will be. I remembered our first PCS it was smooth but they packed everything, we didn't know to take small stuff that we would need (pots and pans, plates, blankets, air mattresses, TV) NOW I have PCSed 3 times but I feel like I am a pro at it though. I am looking forward to a new duty station.

Here are some tips that have helped me:
As soon as you know where you are going, look for places to stay, check out the crime reports and if possible go there and check it out first. You want to make sure you don't end up on the bad streets or where you will feel unsafe when your spouse leaves for training.

On the day of the packing, leave out things you are going to need, like we stayed two weeks after our furniture left, so we needed the air mattresses, a TV, pots and pans, towels. We ate on paper plates and drank out of paper cups. Also you going to need cleaning supplies, so you can clean the place you leave and clean the new house. Usually it takes about 1-2 weeks to get your stuff from transportation.

One major important thing, keep all the important documents with you like birth certificates, orders, ss cards, shot records, anything you think is an important document, don't let it get out of your site! Trust me if you have those documents close by you can always refer to them when you need them in an instant. When you go to the new duty station, you going to need all that.

Be prepared that if you really like a piece of furniture or a favorite item, it will get lost or stolen. Our first PCS move, I had several of the Walt Disney Original movies like The Little Mermaid, the ORIGINAL CASE that is like a collector's item, all those movies STOLEN! (and yes I made a claim and no they didn't pay full price for them) I wanted the original cases back not the money. So your best bet, is to either take them with you or don't let on how important they are, and make sure you know the box number and take a picture of it being packed by them. The last PCS we had two uhaul trailers that went with us when we moved LOL

Always be prepared for change, things in the Army have never gone smoothly, something always happens or changes at the last minute. So I hope you find my tips helpful and can have a smooth move.


  1. Good tips! Our first PCS a burl wood vase disappeared. It was only worth $20-40 but my husband I stopped at ever wood shop along the highway in California to find that vase and, to this day, I get sad when I think about it!

    Thanks for stopping by the Army Wives' Lives linky!

  2. Enjoyed your post about PCS! We've been at Fort Hood since 2005 and joke that we have forgotten how to PCS. If and when we get the word, I'll remember your great tips! =)


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