Military Spouse Career Advancement has it worked for you?

So what's the trick to getting a career started with some of these corporations? This Career Advancement has been around since 2003, and they have always something going on, however how can I take advantage of this?

I have applied to so many civilian and defense jobs, that it is insane.I have been reading  around about this around the net about Military Spouse Career Advancement, and I tell you what, IT STINKS for me. I have my Bachelor's in Political Science. 11 years ago when we first got married I decided to move with my husband, and after that my career died. We have been stationed at remote places, and now we are in a bigger city, and I can't get my foot in the door anywhere. I have had that degree since 2001, and I tell you, I haven't had a permanent job with the government. Staring out at Ft. Stewart GA, then Fort Riley KS and now Fort Bragg, NC. I know that I am going to have to apply for jobs close to NC but out of the state (SC or VA) to find jobs.

So if it has worked for you, can you please let me and my readers know how you did it, what did you resume look like etc! Inquiring minds want to know!

I have applied I know for at least over 1000 jobs with DOD since 2001. I take that back I have gotten two calls from Ft. Lewis Washington and Ft Lee for job interviews but it was SO NOT WORTH moving there. (moving without relocation assistance, husband deployed, 3 kids) I couldn't move cross county with out money, and then live in a military area where my husband isn't stationed and then possibly he couldn't get stationed. In the five years we have been here, I have only had 2 interviews here on Bragg, and 2 temporary jobs out of those 5 interviews.

In 2008 I decided to go back to school to get a Master's in Public Administration. Well I haven't met any spouses here locally that have been able to use this Military Spouse Career Advancement. Most of the Battalions listing jobs on CPOL do not list them properly and therefore the spouses are left out of the loop. They are just complicated and confusing. And when you ask for help to understand you merely get directed back to where you started.

These corporations I have seen listed as cooperating corporations with these military spouse networks, but I don't know anyone who works for them. How is that happening if these networks really work? It's not that I'm uneducated, in fact, I have a Masters in Public Administration and all sorts of volunteer experience, in which that seems that I am able to get is volunteer positions.


  1. You were offered two jobs that you didn't take, your just starting out, so unfortunatly, your not going to get very good, if any benefits. My spouse is in the Reserves, so we haven't moved, I couldn't get a job offer in my field before meeting him, & I still haven't 6 years later. Civilians that have nothing to do with the military aren't getting jobs either, its just the way things are now & have been for a long time.

  2. I live in NC, one job was in Fort Lewis Washington, my husband is stationed here in NC, and the other job was at Fort Lee, VA. Again I would have to move on my own, no money to move plus I have 3 kids. There was no way that move would have been good for me, plus he was deployed during those times I was offered a job.
    So you are saying the Military Spouse Career Advancement is what not working?

  3. I'm not familiar with it at all but I understand how frustrating that must be!

    Thanks for linking up and I did want to let you know, the link isn't working because the i and the f in wife of your url got switched. Be sure to go change it so people can find you!!


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