Why you need Pearls in my Military Wife Life Series 1

Southern Style~ I am going to do a series, being from the south and if you have ever heard me speak, my southern accent comes out and I really love being from NC. I grew up here, I had a great childhood, living out in the country. We had satellite but that was it, no video games and computers were not nearly as interesting as they are now. I didn't have a game boy,  but I had movies and cousins to play with!

So after reading my April Magazine of Southern Living magazine! I wanted to talk about pearls! Yes Pearls, all women need a good set of pearls. They go with any outfit from jean capris, to sun dresses. So have you ever seen your mom or grandmother wearing pearls, they look so elegant, and here’s the best part! You can wear them with jeans! Just a single-strand white pearl necklace.

You can wear them with anything, wear with a sundress at a summer event, or  worn with sweater at a fall sporting event, this timeless accessory makes every Southern outfit more chic and FABULOUS. We’re all for Have you ever just worn a pair of pearl stud earrings. They just add a touch of elegance to anything. You can wear them for days at a time without having to worry if they go with our outfit, they go with anything!

Which I wore to the Easter Egg Hunt at the White House on Monday, a pair of studded pearl earrings!


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