A Government Shutdown Looming Over Our Heads Again, Are you serious?

Wait a minute this feels like dejavu, it's coming back to me, that's right, we went through this same situation last month and the same back in February. Are you kidding me?

Come on Congress get it together. What a government shut down means to my Army Family. DEATH to my credit score, and hard times! Thank the LORD we have canned soup that my grandma made back in the winter! Looks like soup and BEANS kids...

We have a large family 3 kids, a grandma, a dad, a mom and a dog! It means the life lines of support (paychecks) are going to kill us. My husband has been in the Army for 12 years and I am an intern at USASOC. See that word INTERN, that means I am not making top salary here. My job ends in May by the way, so back to a one income family.

We aren't making 6 figures, and with the cost of living steadily rising, it is killing us. Have you seen the price of MILK lately, almost $4 a gallon. The food service folks think they are slick, they are increasing the prices and cutting down on the size of boxes they sell us.

It all boils down to, this shut down means no money coming in to support our families. Already we have bills that need to be paid, we have medications that need to be bought and food to put on the table. I  not sure the government is in touch with the lowest level of people here. There are military families that live from pay check to pay check, and one missed pay period is very hard to catch up from. I have heard from several wives, and it is affecting us ALL!

The government requests my husband and others in the military to make sure the citizens of this nation are protected but at what cost? There he is being in another country worried how his family is going to make ends meet? He is taking his mind off the mission, where it could cost him the ultimate sacrifice that I am not ready for him to pay.

It would be different if I had a garden or a farm to where I could grow our food, but I live in government quarters. I think I am frugal now with coupon clipping but I don't think I can squeeze anymore green out of Lincoln and Grant to cover an entire month of pay, when no one in my house is getting paid. I shop at the Commissary and PX on post, my children attend school on post, we do everything on post. When the government shuts down so does life on the post. The civilians on post will no longer be working. You know this has been going on for three months now we have elected a New Congress in Nov, and why are they waiting to the last minute to fix the budget? This isn't something that was a surprise to them, they knew it was coming and they kept putting it off, and taking recesses.

These leaders need to meet in the middle and agree on something, they are acting irrational both sides not budging or unwilling. This is ludicrous, capricious and I can't believe they have the audacity to act like my 3 and 5 year olds arguing over who is going to play Super Mario on the Wii.  We have about a month's savings in the bank but really how long is this going to happen? Can we please get some leaders that are willing to LEAD?


  1. This shutdown is ridiculous. It happened back in '95 and '96 too. I watched the live feed of the debates/voting last night and while both parties want the military to be paid, one party wants a lasting solution while the other party only wants temporary. It was insane to watch the two parties bicker like children. This shutdown would hurt our family as well. Husband has a 6 year old with his exwife that we pay a pretty penny in child support to, 2 kids together of our own and we're living overseas. So if our commissary shuts down here. We are absolutely screwed. The cost to pull out euro is ridiculous and most families don't shop on the economy here because of the exchange rate. I'm hoping these people can agree on *something* so we're not the ones that have to suffer.


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