So ready for this week

So most of you know that I am in my final semester of grad school. I am working on my thesis and it is really KICKING my butt! I can honestly say I can't wait to be finished with this is driving me really a little nutz, and I want to have it finished by the 16th.
My husband is definitely doing just a little better on his PTSD issues. He doesn't get as angry as he used too, but he still is very anti social, and I must admit he tried super hard during my birthday bash to be social. He still isn't the same person he used to be 11 years ago, and I doubt we are ever going to get that person back. Still rolling with the flow of things called Army Life. Just waiting in limbo while the Army decides what it wants to do with us, deploy, PCS, stay here, just as long as we don't move before MAY that's all I am asking.


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