Ok so I am not into Sports but I am into College BASKETBALL

I have been a fan of college basketball since I was in Middle school, when Rick Fox played for UNC Chapel Hill. I have been a Duke Fan since the 5th grade with my puffy starter coat! I was like in the 5th grade or somewhere around that age but I WAS IN LOVE WITH SOME RICK FOX. I am still a fan. I got to meet Rick Fox when he played for the Boston Celtics, I was working at the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro NC. That was my college job, working the front desk check in! I loved it when they had the ACC and the Basketball teams, because they stayed at MY HOTEL! OMG, so I met Rick Fox, he was huge, I mean he was like close to 7 feet tall, and gorgeous! Oh wow, I was in love with that man. HAHA I was so in love with him I found a look a like guy and just dated him for that reason (hence, he was a DOG b/c he knew he looked good) never the less. I got his autograph and Larry Bird's and some other players LOL I can't even remember their names ( I know so sad).

Ahh I digress back to March Madness, I am so excited DUKE won the ACC this year~ So on to the Final Four I will be cheering for Duke who is in the West Bracket, UNC who is in the East Bracket, Florida State who is in the Southwest Bracket, and Kansas State who is in the Southeast!

No matter what happens I am a DUKE fan true blue win or loose they are still my team.


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