My Amazing Journey as Army Spouse of the Year 2011

I really want to thank Military Spouse Magazine and Armed Forces Insurance for hosting and sponsoring this contest, without them we couldn't have gotten this far. I remember getting to Fort Bragg 5 years ago, and reading the magazine, and it really inspired me to be able to go out and want to open my own business something that I could call my own. Military Spouse Magazine has really grown and gotten worldwide.

This has been the best experience I have ever had in my life, first getting the call from Babette of Military Spouse Magazine congratulating me on winning the Army Branch Spouse of the Year. I could not believe that I had won popular vote in the contest! It was officially announced on Jan 25, 2011. I have been in contact with the Governor's Office of North Carolina and spoke to her Military Liaison about the things I want to accomplish in North Carolina. I have also been congratulated by Senator Hagan, Congressman Kissell and Congressman McIntyre.

I was interviewed for the Fayetteville Observer, and have an upcoming interview with a TV station. Last night I was on Navy Wife Blog Radio. I am participating in a photo-shoot for Military Spouse Magazine. I am really enjoying being an advocate for the Army, and for Military Spouse Magazine.

I really feel as if I am able to reach out to all the army spouses and say if I can work hard and achieve something like this you can too. Also working with the Blue Star Families chapter here at Fort Bragg, has been a wonderful experience I have awesome volunteers who are trying to help get the chapter established and running. I really think my years of volunteer work has paid off.

Being married for almost 11 years, and being a military spouse has got to be the best sorority/fraternity in the world. I realized that I am already in the BEST sorority in the world. The sisterhood of Military Spouses, like the Greek college organizations, there is a rite of passage you have to go through to join, you have access to sister's and brothers who are going through the same thing you are and you are a member for life!


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