I have just got to be the luckiest person on the world, I work at a GREAT installation, have a terrific family both personal and extended (Army). I have the most wonderful friends and support any person can ask for! I also volunteer for the best organizations in the world! I would just like to say how thankful I am to not only be a part of the greatest organization in the world but just our Armed Forces overall but how grateful I am to be a part of a military that takes care of its own and to live in the United States. I look around and see all these revolutions and suppression of women in some of these countries and it just shocks me. To be any spouse of someone in the Military you have to be very special . I support my Solider and I ALWAYS support the Army. HOOAH!


  1. Hi my name is Jennifer. my boyfriend is wanting to join the army. hes thinking about doing the tanker. but we were wondering will your first post be ft riley, ft hood tx. we really dont want to go tx. so if you can help, plese get back to me . i would like that thanks

  2. Hey Jennifer,

    Not really sure it depends, my husband's first duty station was Ft Stewart, GA. Then after 3 years he re-enlisted for duty of choice. I know for tankers AIT is in Ft Knox. He might be able to talk to his recruiter to see if he can pick his duty station after AIT.


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