US Army Wife Strong!

During my months apart from my husband, we each had new roles and responsibilities; I learned new skills and made new friends. Our kids grew and my routine changed. Getting back to the life I knew before deployment, or adjusting to a new one, will take time it has taken a while. Repeated deployments and constant moving are hard on military family life. The threat of danger is never far from reality. And in a society where more than half of all civilian marriages end in divorce, it's understandable that a military marriage - so full of potential for excitement and fulfillment - can crumple. The process can prove frustrating and emotional, not to mention financially taxing. I always know that we both have to stay strong, and as long as my husband serves in the US Military I know there is another deployment looming around the corner. So it is very important that whatever problems we have work them out way ahead of time. Life is always throwing us curve balls and we have to learn to overcome and adapt.


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